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  1. Hey there,
    I’ve been in contact with a woman for over a year who was going to send me tupelo honey jars as guest favors for my wedding this May. Now she just backed out and said she doesn’t have any, so I’m looking for other options. Do you have enough honey sticks to send me 14 packages of 100? I’d like to wrap up 3 honey sticks and use that as the favor instead. What do you think?
    -Kate Scott

  2. I hear that all the tupelo honey that you sell comes from union bees? I think the honey is better from union bees than from none union bees. They are happy bees and they don not over work there little stingers off. Do you get any kick backs? Do you know if the killer bees have joined the union? I hear they do not negotiate very well and have a bad temper, can they even bee trusted? Is it true that the whole hive must have a majority vote and every bee must vote or it is Das Boot for that bee? I wonder if they are conservative or liberal?

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