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Tupelo Honeystix

honeystixA natural boost! Adds a great flavor to tea or coffee. A nutritious snack! Includes 100 stix
Price: $31.75

Tupelo Honey Wide Mouth Jar

1_quart3 lb. wide-mouth plastic jar(s)

Tupelo Honey Queenline Container

1_lb_tupQueenline container is supplied for T31 only, has a wide mouth cap that screws on.
Price: $16.50

Tupelo Honey Bears

3bears12 oz., all dressed up with hats & bow ties

Bulk Tupelo Honey

Available (while supply lasts) in 1 gallon packages of (2) convenient, 6 lb. containers.    Shipped by priority mail.  Bulk honey is not returnable.
Out of Stock

16 oz. Tupelo Honey

Standard 16 oz. plastic bottles

12 oz. Tupelo Honey

cyl12 oz. plastic bottle with flip top cap

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